• Oct062011

    Iron Maiden Leaving Gatwick with Us!

    Somehow we always thought Rock Stars didn’t use Gatwick. But as it turns out South Terminal is…

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  • Sep072011

    Windy Coaching in Weymouth

    Just a very quick heads up to our 2nd rather spontaneous coaching session in Portland Harbour. We’re…

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  • Jul292011

    Extra Week in Soma Bay 9th – 16th September

    We’ve had a lot of interest and requests about putting on an extra clinic week in Soma…

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  • Jul242011

    Slash Of The Titans – Cabrinha Wissant

    We recently returned from the Cabrinha Distributor Meeting in Wissant France, buzzing with excitement from all the…

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  • Jun282011

    Soma Bay Goes Off Again

    Soma Bay once again delivered the goods. We had an absolutely cracking week, in a much quieter…

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