Red Sea Boat Safari

Red Sea Boat Safari
3rd October 2013 C&K
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Spots don’t really come any better than this, or the next one, or even the one after that. Yes, once again Philou and his merry crew treated us to a jaw dropping adventure of butter flat turquoise spots, starry starry nights, endless wind, fabulous food, marvellous company, epic kiting, an incredible downwinder, plenty of reggae and so much fishing. The wind was a pleasant daily norm, which enabled everyone to enjoy lunchtimes and Luis’s penchant for a siesta was indulged with equal commitment by all on board – must have been the heat:)

On the water the daily performances proved wonderful entertainment, with the strong winds encouraging rather large aerial displays as well as the intricate delicacies of freestyle. Everyone demonstrated a daily improvement, mixing it up, trusting our advices and making good for the video debriefs.

As is so often the case there was too much to document in detail, but…. Serge’s slow single and double front rolls were things of outstanding beauty. Luis’s slow high fronts, kiteloops and his audacious use of the surfboard for much of the downwinder carving up the gentle but large swells all deserve a mention. Bollinger, as has become a habit, filled the sky with style, banging out huge airs with nose grabs, large kiteloops, front roll cheeky dowloops, raleys…. Marcel was a machine in the way he attacked each new move with such conviction and confifdence, back roll downloops, front roll downloops, raleys, blinds – brilliant. Mr Flynn, conquered his fear of flying and tamed his airs with new found control, and what about those backs to blind!!! Matt not only improved his backgammon but mastered the art of jumping, learnt to underturn in some mental winds and was as natural a convert to the pleasures of strapless as you’ll ever meet. Miguellito, back from various war wounds re-found his confidence and watching him return to his inimitable balls to the wall approach during a sunset photo session off the back of the boat was pure gold, especially the rather large double front downloop. And finally Juan, not forgetting the lovely raleys, very large airs, the peer inspiring Ole, or his fresh fish and engine oil fancy dress costume – he did wind this years Squid-itch by default for having a knack of catching anything weird and wonderful the sea had to offer.

A memorable, convivial and utterly enjoyable trip – thanks all of you and a huge shout out to Philou for his admirable patience and organisation, Amra the ultimate kite and boat man, Cheffy for his great cooking, The Smiley Mechanic whose name none of us could remember but whose fishing tutorials were priceless, Stephan for his pants and the rest of the crew for making us so welcome and ensuring that we had an amazing time on board.

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