Is Coaching For Me?

Accomplished, autonomous beginners to pro level riders.

Uncover your true potential. Invest in Coaching!

Why you should join us…

Keen on improving the essential skills that make a difference whether it be twin tip, surfboard or foil.

Itching to learn new tricks or be motivated to try something new.

Speed up the learning process.

Need a refresher course before getting back on the water.

Determined to get rid of bad habits and start afresh on a blank canvas.

Desperate to get your mojo back.

Like to understand and get the most out of your kit.

Just fancy a great kiting holiday, a week with like minded people.

If you are fairly new to the world of kitesurfing it’s essential to get a good base and good habits straight away!

Easier to learn something new than undo bad habits.

Our Passion is Your Improvement