• Apr032024

    Wing Clinic Dakhla

    The wind Gods certainly delivered for what was truly an epic week of wing foiling. Rolling out…

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  • Mar172024

    Langebaan 2024

    Well the year certainly kicked off in style way down south in Langebaan. It’s pretty much guaranteed…

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  • Mar152024

    Back To Wrapped Hooked – More CK tech from IKSURFMAG 103

    When you hear the name back to wrapped, you likely cast your mind back to bygone days…

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  • Mar152024

    Learn to Loop #4 – Late Loop Jump Transition

    We’re sneaking this one into our learning to loop series because it really is the ultimate get…

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  • Mar112024

    Latest Wing Foil Tech – Tacking Off The Foil

    Today’s the day, Ladies and Gents! Your first foray into the world of tacking. If you’re not…

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  • Mar032024

    More From IKSURFMAG 102 – The Simplest Way To Rescue A Board

    We’ve all been there, a fellow kiter has lost their board and you happen to be close…

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  • Mar022024

    Learning to Loop #3 – Heel to Toe Down Loop Transition

    Part three of our learning to loop series is the final on water move! You’ll add your…

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  • Feb152024

    One more postcard from Brazil – Pura Aventura

    Another fortnight of brilliant mayhem. A couple more spots on the map, acres of flat water, some…

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  • Feb092024

    Postcard from Brazil

    It’s finally arrived! Our first adventure clinic! Visiting a few spots up in the Nordeste. No need…

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  • Jan182024

    Learn to Loop #2 – Toe to Heel Down Loop Transition

    Now that you’ve joined the ranks of down-loopers, in part two of their all things loop series,…

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