• Oct272022

    Wingfoil #4

    Our latest wing foil video! We said it in our first Wing Foil episode, preparation is key.…

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  • Sep082022

    July Boat Trip

      A tad tardy after a somewhat disrupted summer, but the fond memories linger. What an international…

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  • Aug042022

    Boat 1 2022:)

    An enforced change of plan, extreme team decisiveness, a large stroke of good fortune and all of…

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  • Jul112022

    Dakhla 2

    Yet another spectacular week in Dakhla! And what an absolutely solid forecast. Although you wouldn’t have believed…

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  • Jun292022


    Like a true masterpiece, the first Dakhla week started softly and built throughout, reaching a gloriously deafening…

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  • May062022

    Cape Verde Clinic 2022:)

    Wowzer, what a Cape Verde 2022 clinic. Solid wind and solid swell – non stop, the full…

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  • Mar232022

    Wing Foil #3

    Our latest Wing Foil Technique in Tonic Mag Just like riding, if you want to be gybing…

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  • Feb012022


    And here’s number 2 of our CK’SSENTIALS in IKSURFMAG How To Fix Your Toeside. Toeside opens the…

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  • Jan172022


    As part of our new fangled and updated technique section in the hallowed pages of IKSURFMAG we…

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  • Dec282021

    Wingfoil #2

    Hope you’ve all been enjoying the festive season? If you’ve finally digested all the goodies and can…

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