Cabo Verde 2013

Cabo Verde 2013
26th April 2013 C&K
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Unfortunately we were all so busy with the wind and general frivolity that there isn’t a group picture from what was another classic week in Sal. The wind played ball and as a result the on water action was mesmerising. Two “departments” really stood out here, front looping a twin tip and fast track strapless progress on a surfboard. Kite beach is such a hero spot, inspiring confidence and encouraging everyone to push it. There was some healthy competition between the ladies and gents on the water and the omnipresent group belief off it, video de-briefs took positive motivation to team hug levels (quite literally!!) and our new surroundings added to the holiday feel when the whips weren’t out.

In place of a group picture we have this little video of Raf claiming his first ever Duck Tack, blatantly helped along by his much loved 9m Drifter and his shiny new PU Skillit:) – awesome. Luis’s strapless carving has become so balanced that he’s no longer sure whether he’s Goofy or Regular, and the tack is sooooo in the post. Uberto was gybing both ways beautifully whilst belting out Pucinni (quite fitting seeing as he was on a Sub Woofer) and improving his general strapless stance – get down James Brown. Jane was linking her strapless turns and gybing when she wasn’t impressing with her rather large front loops. Jenny added considerable height to her jumps and sorted lowering undercarriage to smoothly stomp her air gybes. Marcel and Konrad both went at it like men possessed – with Konrad casually going through jumping, air gybing and front looping, and Marcel adding plenty of altitude to his jumps, popping back loops and beautiful awe inspiring front loop grabs. Steve returned after a kiting hiatus and boom, after a couple of days of relearning to walk the fire lit and he was hammering out the hang time, powering through front loops, air gybes and generally bullying himself all over the playing field. Neil also had a swift year without kiting, but came back stronger. Some lovely strapless playing in the waves, some decent air and a couple of “intentional” front loops. Jelle arrived equipped with an abundance of moves, style and a thirst for more. He went home with a stunning unhooked raley, double backs, big fronts, freed his feet from the straps on the surfboard and added the gybe.

All in a great week, lots of fun and looking forward to seeing you all again, and of course going back next year.