Brazil 1

Brazil 1
7th December 2015 C&K
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As one would expect BG delivered on all fronts for the beginning of November. The wind pumped, the social was turned up another notch, the beatings on the water increased, Bloi was kept busy and everyone took their kiting up a level or two, all said with typical British understatement! The ladies pushed hard even in some seriously strong winds. First jumps and glorious carves from Sandrine even on the 5, Anna was boning it left right and centre in jumps and air gybes and that Back Loop is so in the post, whilst Victoria nailed strapless. Lucy added some oomph to her jumps, nailed the surfboard and transformed her Back loops into BLTs – awesome. The gents wouldn’t let up either, be it big air, powered kite loops, dark slides, “F16s” and a plethora of freestyle. Claudio got some serious height, powered through some great kite loops, flicked his raleys and polished his tacks. Pizza not only claimed more blind judges, but added the shifty to wrapped, banged out a few back to wrappeds and stomped the surfboard air gybe. Dave boosted some huge back loop kite loops, man sized F 16s and stuffed the rally to blind firmly into his box of tricks. Johnny’s Raley’s went from strength to strength but what about those delicious dark slides, great strapless linking and the omnipresent F16 without inverted commas:) Jackson did it all, from polishing his jumps, slowing his rotations and adding kite loops, nailing the blind, tacking, dark sliding and getting away with a spectacular wipe out scot free. Per was either styling the hand washes, slowing his rotations, lengthening his dark slides or going for his record, 8m was achieved. Ian put some serious height onto his jumps, nailed the back to toe side and is knocking on the door of the tack. Jason had good raleys to blind, a truckload of great grabs, toe side duck tacks, just oozing style and control with every move. And finally Matt, cracking raleys, beautiful Oles, shiftys, BLKLs, Grabbed front down loops – you name it, Matt did it until forced off into early retirement (get well quickly and stay off that bike).

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