Cabo Verde 2015 Week 2 – Still Pumping

Cabo Verde 2015 Week 2 – Still Pumping
17th April 2015 C&K
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The conditions didn’t let up for the next crew, the wind kept pumping and the waves kept pushing. Another fine week strapless with plenty of twin tip action too. Either way the waves proved popular and a few future converts to surfboards and potential ex windsurfers were born. Adi mastered her confidence, cracked the turns and ripped upwind. Louise visited Senegal, carved like a wave queen and launched into may a respectable jump whilst enjoying the faces. Paul effortlessly took to the skies, added some mustard with the grab and nailed the BL to toeside. Alan jumped, air gybed and back looped (with one memorable landing!!) and made the most of the playground that is kite beach. Nigel styled as always on the twinnie, big front down loop transitions, hefty boners, double backs and some solid wave riding. Simon continued his strapless quest with both gybes, good carves and “proper” looking surfboards. Ken was in the air again, carved like a legend and dropped down the largest face of the week – probably still buzzing from that one now. John rekindled the flame of kiting whilst enjoying all that is a holiday away with friends. Not to be outdone Steve spiced up his airtime with a fruity grab and boner to boot, hefty back loops, lovely air gybes and all both ways. Another cracking week and possibly the funniest panorama photo from our last night……

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