CKPerformance 2021 💥

CKPerformance 2021 💥
31st January 2021 C&K
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Hello Ladies and Gents,

A very belated Happy New Year to all our CK family! We’ll cling to the fact that it’s permitted in France until the end of the month… We hope that you had both a chance and good reason to enjoy some form of festivities. Now with 2021 officially gaining momentum, we’re very much looking forward to what may be possible sometime later in the year. We’ve got so much to catch up on, clinics that we’re hoping to roll over from last year, new clinics to book, friends and places to revisit. Most of all though, we’re just itching to get back together with you crazy lot.

We’ve certainly missed you all, from reading your pre clinic questionnaires, the weekly fun and frolics, the whooping and wooing, the excitement and butterflies, the communal ooohhs and aaaahhs of the daily video debrief, the voice breaking screams of victory and joy, the odd dummy being spat in a moment of utter frustration, the refreshing chink of glasses as the sun silently dips, musical chairs at dinner and the general bon homie that you all bring to the table. Suffice to say that we’re absolutely gagging to get back on it, bursting to the brim with energy to give it the full fejao, and eager for the first reunion whenever it may be.

As far as the clinic calendar goes, we can’t deny that the first half of the year is looking increasingly unlikely. We will have to be fluid, and will do whatever we can to arrange, rearrange, update, add on and make things happen if and when it’s both possible and prudent. Up until now we’ve concentrated on being realistic, regardless how much we tend to err on the optimistic, and we hope that you all agree, for want of a better word, it’s the best plan of action. If we’re unsure, we will have to cancel.

However, we will also be looking at some possibilities closer to home, and if travel opens up in Europe, we’ll be over the moon to run some dates in Portugal and share some of what we love:) We won’t be able to exhibit wind stats to equal our usual destinations, but they’ll be plenty to do should the wind not grace us 24/7. Consider them active breaks with the priority on kiting. More details will follow, but if you’re pondering Portugal we may be able to add some CKP stardust to the occasion.

AND… drum roll please! In case you’re still getting out on the water, or you want to work on the latent learning side, we will soon have our online coaching subscription packages up and running. There’s a few options, regardless of craft, level and desire, or whether you fancy solo analysis or are up for some group seminars. CKPerformance is adding a virtual arm. This will hopefully coincide with an increase in temperatures here in the Northern hemisphere to start the season off with a veritable bang. If you’re based under the equator we hope that you’re set for a windy autumn. If so, we’ll be ready.

Finally, if you happen to have indulged in the medieval Candlemas tradition of leaving decorations up to brighten your Januaries, they should apparently come down in the next couple of days. So we’ll leave you to get on with pulling the those last bits of tinsel off the curtains and fishing the pine needles out from behind, well everything.

Big hugs
Us 2