What’s it going to be this weekend????

What’s it going to be this weekend????
3rd February 2017 C&K
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Yes it’s homework time boys and girls. For the youngsters amongst you who may have enjoyed La La Land, can we recommend this move and film. Brings back memories of the rather magical and somewhat surreal Moulin Rouge. Yes the original hipster OB1 can sing. Anyway great film, fun move. From issue 60 of IKSURFMAG we give you the Can Can.

Next up from is a little something for all you strapless buffs. Way back we covered the duck tack, and this is a slight variation as we’ve modified the way we teach it thanks to all you lovely peeps that keep learning this stuff on clinics.http://www.iksurfmag.com/issue60/?page=105

And finally it’s the spicy move with extra chillis. Adding as much mustard as possible follow us through the mouth tingling popped front indy to blind. If you want to add some Steeze to your repertoire this is a must have.