Sri Lanka II

Sri Lanka II
15th August 2012 C&K
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As a bonus for the Sri Lanka clinic being so popular and breaking all records in selling out in less than 48 hours, we had a many more of you keen as mustard, and so week two was born. On both a selfish and selfless note going to this part of the world opened up opportunities for us to reach out a bit further and welcome riders from the other side so to speak – this time Honk Kong, Singapore and The Egg.

Week two’s conditions pretty much mirrored the first week, as did the food:)  This week also witnessed some new kiting vocabulary including “push the canoe”, a somewhat enigma scrambled left field key point for the front loop, and “edgemanship”, the colonial version of la resistance.

Once again we had pretty much the full diversity of kiting, learning and improving being all the rage that it is. Both Kim and Meads rocketed through the kitesurfing stratosphere, from wobbly riding, through upwind, slide turns and onto the buzz of jumping. Meads did however miss out toe side, as to quote him “why would I want to do that when I can just jump”. Henry, spoken with a silent H, worked on his very own edgemanship, resulting in snow capped front and back loops, hanging air gybes, flat out blinds and also freed his feet and entered the exciting world of strapless. Andy was stylish as ever, penduluming his airgybes over the beach and camera, and generally showing off with all manner of jumps and spins. But his epiphany moment was his new found love, the Switchblade… Gez was already feeling this love and when not being naughty was pushing canoes, air gybing and generally flying around the place. Igor as usual was putting maximum height and effort into everything, coming out with lofty front loops and airgybes, oh and that speed. Dennis was omnipresent on the water and had the energy of an Eveready Bunny, and his newly acquired Dark Slide and Raley certainly looked the business. And finally Jon, who when not regaling us with tales of the unexpected, lit his kiting flame and walked away with the back to blind, blind judge and probably the funniest video clip ever “I love you Jon”.

Another brilliantly entertaining and productive week…..