Cabo Verde 2015 Week 3 – What a Finale

Cabo Verde 2015 Week 3 – What a Finale
25th April 2015 C&K
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Our extra week certainly finished the 2015 CV sessions off with a bang. We’ve always been lucky here but it just kept delivering. Was another mixed week of strapless and those twin tip things, with the girls trying to outdo the gents… Andy fully nailed his dark slides, inverted his front loops and generally showed the grooms the definition of smoot. The other Andy, swopping the mountains for the sea continued to climb, but this time with a kite – grappling his way upwind and then claiming air time. Gu’s jumps were getting bigger and consistent in amongst the waves and her toe side was at it both ways. Laurent came with the intent of strapless but enjoyed launching himself skywards so much that his surfboard mostly stayed on the beach spectating his aerial antics. Ian totally cracked strapless, taking himself deeper into the waves, carving on the tops and riding the faces – mission accomplished. John worked on his timing to improve his already aggressive hacks on the wave, throwing plenty of spray at every opportunity, the tack is in the post and the airs are coming. Luis finished his turns nicely and was stomping through his back foot, parting the ways during his top turns, tacking both ways and of course taking time to enjoy a head to head with his twin tip nemesis. Lisa’s conquered her jumping, good controlled height and soft landings, plus some lovely carving on the twin tip which lead so nicely onto her initiation into strapless (guard your surfboard Toby). Janine added plenty of mustard onto her jumps and air gybes with a cheeky grab or two, polished her carves and as a result enjoyed pushing round on the faces strapless. Another fun filled week, and we’ll never forget just how rude and objectionable (but somehow entertaining) the owner of Chez Pastis was – no food is worth that:)

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