Soma Bay in May

Soma Bay in May
6th August 2012 C&K
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Another Cracking week in Soma Bay. As always Stephan’s team at the Breakers kept us happy, well fed and comfortable, while Ramon and the guys at the beach looked after us. The wind gods were also smiling – again, despite the Guru painting a not so colourful scene prior to our departure. Theme for the week was an international early Diamond Jubilee fancy dress with some great left field ideas. Ed and Darcy once again ventured across the pond from “stateside” whilst we also welcomed Guy from Belgium and Manu from France to the eclectic mix of a clinic.

We had a great mix of conditions, mostly pretty windy with the boys getting their 7s out a couple of times. Conditions here always encourage and bring the best out off folk and this week was no exception. The ladies contingent, energetically and enthusiastically contained Victoria, Darcy, Boo and Anna, and all of them put the hours, concentration and effort in to yield some fine results. Victoria’s confidence amongst traffic sky rocketed, as did her aggression with kite and edge, leading to confident and controlled jumping in some serious winds. Darcy was motivating the chaps with her rather large and fearless kite loops, popped rotations, blind and much more. Boo, back after an enforced hiatus regained all her skills and then moved on adding such cherubs as the raley and surfboard gybe. Anna arrived with a 7m, twin tip, surfboard and mixed it up, landing front loops, back loops, air gybes and gybing her surf board. A good weeks learning for all the girls.

The guys weren’t to be out done. Franck found his dream kite and lorded it up, developing his pop into Raley, adding some lovely downloops to his front loops and airgybes. Guy carved out his own niche, banging out unhooked Raleys as if they were going out of fashion and some very solid blind, all without loosing his cap. Ed tuned into his new kit, adapted to a new harness and nailed his jumps. Bill was the king of float, with some massive hanging air gybes and jumps, stunning front loops, powered popped back loops and raleys. Manu went from his fine edge and good toeside to some very decent jumping and some spectacular front loops, regardless if he was on the safety of his 12 or the fruitiness of his 8. Miguellito raged all week long, with scant regard for personal welfare, most entertaining. Big front loop down loops, some lovely blind, kiteloops and the Raley. And finally Andy, warming up for his mini kite tour started with some serious consolidation on all things pop and jump, for better raleys, tricks to blind and kiteloops – all of which paid off…..

A great week, great company, fun times and awesome kiting, hugs all around.