More Technique:)

More Technique:)
15th December 2016 C&K
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Frontloop-downloop-indy-trans-webIssue 58 of IKSURFMAG homework!

First off is the blind under turn transition, this’ll surely fox a few spectators! Full article here:

Next up on is the “other” double grab. This one is a boned out tail grab rolled smoothly into a tweaked nose grab. That’s 2 cheeky grabs for the price of one this week lades and gents:)

And finally from we have a delightful transition with plenty of mustard, the front loop (or roll) downloop indy grab transition, as seen above. And seeing as we’ve had the pleasure of your company recently, this translates to frontloopdownloopindygrabtransition for the german speakers among you:)