Cabo Verde 2015 Week 1 – Strapless Heaven

Cabo Verde 2015 Week 1 – Strapless Heaven
7th April 2015 C&K
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Week one started with a bang, good wind and waves everyday, no excuses except the odd afternoon G&T, honestly boys!!! Awesome displays from all the crew on the water – Simon’s first forays into surfboards and strapless, easy to see his west country roots, Ted’s carves and now legendary, unbelievably smooth foot changes, Rowan’s beautiful dynamic low slung shredding and both ways, Ken’s delicious finishing of turns and attacks in the air (plus the stylish twin tipping to relax in the dangerous blue suit), Ian’s punts off the ramps and hefty backside snaps, Raf’s usual parting of the seas, so much back foot regardless of frontside or backside, man spray!! Ken’yan’s proper boosts and silky smooth carves, Henry’s taming of the quad, hefty carves and smooth gybes, and Andy’s air gybes, frontside sprays and floaty airs. Mix this in with child like enthusiasm, blue or green water (who’s eyes make sense), oodles of tacking, wave riding, chicken gybes, wipeouts, washed kites, decent fins and you have the making of a perfect wave clinic.

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