Red Sea Safari

Red Sea Safari
3rd October 2012 C&K
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Gosh, what a week! The wind gods savaged us with their fury, 7 from 7, so that pretty much guarantees smiles and progress. In fact it was so sporting that it generally dipped at lunch time allowing for a gentleman’s siesta, and returned in the afternoon for a spectacular into sunset session. Made all the sweeter by a cold beer waiting on the beach when the body finally gave in.

Add to that the most convivial of atmospheres, living aboard and sharing a sufficiently large gin palace, secluded spots, flat water, jaw dropping colours, explosive sun sets, fresh lobster, amicable dolphins, squid catching competitions,  and the resulting bonhomie – really need we say more?

So how did this fine group fare? Well Ben C was the hands down squid champion, using the captain’s special lure he landed a whooper and has the ink stains to prove it. On the water amongst a host of other rather stylish moves the unhooked raley is now a reality and those mahusive toe side fronts are truly in the bag. His namesake, Bollinger, also claimed this most evasive of moves, mixed in with some stylish bone outs, decent blinds and look backs (at the camera), powered back loop kite loops, and one particularly entertaining sparring session with Miguel. This impromptu kite loop off witnessed the boys pushing each other higher and higher and still controlling some epic loops. Funnily enough Miguel also claimed the raley, extended his blind and impressively learnt his box of tricks on the other tack, downloop front loops included – just wait till he returns with his bionic shoulder. Magnus blatantly had one thing on his mind, and proved that a man of leisure can also dominate the chair of air. Good height and a refreshing return to front loops, with some exploratory backs too. Lotte was not to be outdone by her knight in shining armour, flying the flag very high for the girls corner, adding some joyous grabs, styling the airgybe too and the frontloop is in the post…. Rob joined us all the way from LA, had a bag scare but obviously had plenty of good karma stored up as everything arrived in good time before casting off. Rob had one objective, to leave as a jumper, and boy did he, new technique and all. Luis put everything into twin tip and surfboard, gybing both ways, large jumps with the now obligatory tweak, airgybes and the blue thigh award for frontloops. Nathan returned to his old stomping ground on the safari and picked up where he last left off. This time around it was all about air, and even someone Nathan’s height must find it a bit daunting up there, awesome. Ryan ended his hiatus away from kiting, got his feet comfy and showed some real finesse, working his way back through jumping and then moving both his fronts and backs into smooth doubles that’ll keep his brother impressed. Rafaloco invested some time back on a twin tip. His efforts rewarded with some solid blind, proper back loop kite loops and one stand out huge unhooked kite loop. Back on the surfboard his strapless airs are looking tasty, as he proved off the boat wake on the down winder.

And just to make the trip even more dream like, the resulting land sickness on our return was amusing to say the least – Sunday morning tennis has never been so difficult!

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