Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka
7th January 2020 C&K
6th Jun 2020 - 14th Jun 2020

Sri Lanka

It’s always hard not to oversell Sri Lanka. Without wanting to set expectations too high, it is a personal favourite. A perfect mix of full on kiting, zero stress in a truly “away from it all” environment. If you want to leave everything behind and really recharge with nothing else to think about other than kiting, it ticks all the boxes. Living on the edge of a lagoon, looking out over the sea, surrounded by palms and jungle, but you’re only 2 hours from the airport. Tuning out miles from anywhere with flat water on tap. Kiting heaven straight from the Monkey God himself.

Kite Kuda remains our home. We’ve been coming here for years and those of you who have joined us at the new setup, can positively vouch for the location. Off the lawn and onto the water. No trucks to the beach, no logistics, quite literally pump and go. We’ll be well looked after as always, Sri Lankan hospitality, wonderful food and very good vibes from a team that’s as close to family as it gets.

Accommodation is all full board and all rooms are en suite. There are a few different room types. Solid huts with en suite and fans perfect for single occupancy. Large ground floor rooms with air conditioning and large first floor rooms with fans for couples and those happy to share.
Nothing is more than a stone’s throw away, whether it be food, beer, storage or action.

As far as kiting and the clinics are concerned pretty much anything goes. All of our coaching time will be spent on the flat water lagoon, but if the urge takes you the Indian Ocean is a 5 second hop over the sandbar where you can play in the rollers or attack the shorey if you’re so inclined. The lagoon is a wonderful spot, deep enough to be safe, small enough to be friendly, so you’ll be comfortable pushing yourself as we crack the whip. If you can kite upwind this clinic is for you, but also ideal for big airs, freestyle and of course flat water surfboard skills:)

The plan is to arrive on Saturday the 6th, with coaching starting on Sunday and running until and including Saturday, then fly home on Sunday the 14th.