Sal, Cape Verde

Sal, Cape Verde
28th October 2019 admin_ckperform
5th Mar 2020 - 12th Mar 2020

Sal, Cape Verde

It is once again time to patiently gaze forward into 2020. Our latest clinic release for next year is the annual March skip over to Cape Verde:) We have 2 weeks planned, Thursday the 5th of March and Thursday the 12th of March.

Cape Verde claims the honour of our longest running clinic, and for good reason. The winds pump, the waves roll, the water is stunning, it’s the perfect time to escape winter while preparing yourself for the season ahead, and it’s only a relatively short flight from Europe.

The plan is to arrive on Thursday and stay 7 nights with six days of coaching, running Friday to Wednesday inclusive. Unless of course you’re tempted to elope for 2 weeks! Nothing beats jumping over cystal waters or smashing turquoise waves, happy in the knowledge that at home you’d still be snuggling up to the radiator.

On the clinic front we’ll be covering both the endless world of twin tip tricks and the eye opening revelation of surfboard riding in this veritable playground. Whether you’re new to surfboards or would like to improve, we’ll be covering strapless riding and surf skills including carving, gybing, tacking, frontside and backside waveriding and strapless airs. And there’s plenty of carving action to be had and learnt on a trusty twin tip too.

We’ll be travelling the few short minutes to Shark bay each day, as this really is the best spot on the island for progressing, plenty of stunt ramps and kickers to maximise your twin tip air time, and hero sized waves without consequences to hammer the strapless. That said, to get the most out of these clinics you should be happily riding and body dragging upwind, and confidently relaunching your kite.

There will be a lunchtime truck heading back so that you can get a break from the sun and wind whilst refuelling and catching a well earned siesta.

We’ll be staying at our usual haunt, the Melia, which means that you can have your own single room in a decent sized shared 2 bedroom apartment, and it’s all inclusive. For Cape Verde it’s a relatively small complex, so no marathons to reach breakfast. The Melia is situated just upwind of the world famous Ponta Preta break and sundowners at the West facing beach bar are an amazing way to finish the day and start the evening.


All inclusive Melia for 7 nights accommodation, single room in shared 2 bedroom apartment with 6 days CK Performance coaching £1080 per person.

Extras will be airport transfers and daily transport to the beach.

To book we need a £400 deposit per person per week (non refundable unless a replacement can be found). Any further questions, please mail or call +44 (0)7729183233.